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The Fall Basics: In the Hood

It’s been a grey and rainy afternoon in New York and with Labor Day having come and gone, it’s generally around this time that I start wrapping my head around Fall’s impending arrival en force.Don’t get me wrong; I love … Continue reading

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Making of: Tale of Two Shoes.

Tenue de Nimes, the Amsterdam-based denim concept shop, offers two videos of the same thing, a shoe, being produced in two very different ways.(They seem to be on a streak of producing highly-watchable videos. If you haven’t yet, have a … Continue reading

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On the Subject of: High Adventure.

Perhaps it’s the recent cold snap. And perhaps attendant to the fact that Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Norgay Tenzing accomplished the near impossible, summiting Mount Everest(ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ) on May 29th, 1953, with unfalterng style (see Nigel Cabourn). In either case, … Continue reading

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