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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Nov. 30th, 1835-1910.

Yes…aka Mark Twain.

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On the Subject of: Josef Albers, 1888-1976.

German born, color-field painter, Black Mountain College head of painting program(1934-1949). Teacher to the likes of Rauschenberg, Twombly and Ray Johnson. Head of Design Dept. at Yale, 1950-1958. Wiki

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At it Again: J.Crew, Late Fall Deliveries.

Say what you will about J. Crew(and there’s been plenty of opinions aired here and elsewhere on the subject), but Frank and his team continue to roll out some interesting and well co-branded pieces for late Fall, early Winter(depending on … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: Four Seasons w/ Field Notes. NotesSpotted HERE.

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Happy Thanksgiving.

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Sketchy: Secret Forts + WhatIsawtoday.

Saturday, at the Pop Up Flea, had the pleasure of meeting Richard Haines of whatisawtoday. He’s worked with J. Crew and 3sixteen and has a slew of other things coming up.Had a nice chat. He snapped a photo and… Head … Continue reading

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Lookbook: Oliver Spencer, SS10.

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