Revisited: The Rig Out, Issue #2.

While working on getting issue 3 of Oi Polloi‘s(who’ve incidentally just re-launched a super clean, well designed site) Rig Out out, I thought it would be a good chance to revisit the previous issue for those who might not have gotten their hands on it.
Our man Antony Crook and the lads spent some time with a perennial favorite of Secret Forts, Engineered Garments‘ own Daiki Suzuki and Angelo Urrutia, getting a quick Q&A and some nice behind the scenes photos.
Issue 3 will be all sent in the coming days so bare with me. (The response has been huge and I’m a one man operation here.)
Word on the street is that Issue 4 is already in the works as well as a short companion film to the current issue. Stay tuned for more info on that.

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1 Response to Revisited: The Rig Out, Issue #2.

  1. I've been seeing stuff about this magazine everywhere. But thanks for the photos of the inside! It looks great. Interesting.

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