Get to Know: Baron Wells.

I’m sure some of you out there are familiar already with Baron Wells, purveyors of a small focused collection of shirts, sea pants, neckwear and accessories for both men and women. Modeled after the young wayfarers in search of perfectly peeling waves in Bruce Brown’s 1968 classic, “The Endless Summer” with just a little quirk thrown in for good measure. Smart, tailored, nice details, quality textiles and designed and developed in NYC. Just a few reasons to get to know Baron Wells in time for your own endless summer.Check their site for a stockist near you.

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3 Responses to Get to Know: Baron Wells.

  1. Junctioned says:

    Love this brand. Surprised I've not heard of them till now (blog power!). Very clean looks and concept. I'm not getting the whole endless summer theme but just as well. They even got Toro y Moi in the lookbook which is pretty cool. That kid is talented.

  2. corkgrips says:

    their lookbooks are indeed sharp, im a fan of rob kulisek's photography.

  3. IsmeSon says:

    I just picked up one of their Eaton button down oxfords with the club collars. Am very impressed! What do I like about it?- Great fit, not too 12-year-old teeny yet the proportions are nicely shrunken. I'm a medium frame 5'9" guy and I wear asize 40 suit. The size medium fits squarely as it should on my frame.- Intriguing fabric. Mine is a blue oxford yet has a touch of shine to it. Fabric looks expensive and has a smooth satin touch to it. Explains why it's dry clean only yet it's made of cotton. The shine gives it a slight edge over standard blue oxfords.- I like the length of the shirt tails, not too long so I can wear it untucked and not look like I'm wearing a night gown yet long enough for me to tuck it into my trousers for work. There's a triangle of fabric on the sides that give enough coverage over the waistline. It's important to me to show a side profile with some modesty, especially in mixed company!

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