Agenda: Pencil This In.

The World Cup kicks off tomorrow with Mexico v. South Africa. If you’re looking for a place to watch the match, head up to The Ace Hotel and kick back some 3$ Tecates. Special menu prepared by The Breslin’s chef April Bloomfield. They’ll be showing most of the matches through to the final match, July 11th.

NEW YORK, NY 10001

And on Saturday June 12th, Billy Reid will be in New York to host a BBQ at his shop on Bond st. Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q, a renowned BBQ restaurant in Alabama participating in the Eight Annual Big Apple Bar-B-Q Block Party, will be there cooking up pork tacos and Slow Roasted BBQ from a pig roast that will be on display in front of the store. From 7pm-9pm.

Billy Reid
54 Bond st.

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2 Responses to Agenda: Pencil This In.

  1. hope to see you there man

  2. cool gig brandon. the thing about the ace seems good too. foster

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