In the Air: Head to Toe, Spring.

*Vintage BSA Rucksack(LA Flea Market)
*Canon SD780/ACL&Co. sm zipper bag/Pentel auto pencil
*Field Notes/ACL&Co Cigarette pouch
*Timex easy reader/Postalco notebook/Parker Jotter
*Striped Oxford Cloth 5 panel cap
*Ray Ban Wayfarers
*Velva Sheen Pocket Tee
*Wrangler jean jacket
*Apolis plaid camp shirt
*Billykirk zipper wallet
*Leather Man LTD ring belt
*Case Sod Buster jr.
*Hill-side (Wine Label for Ships)Hickory Stripe Chambray
*J Crew 484 white selvedge jeans(unavailable online)
*New Balance 1300 Classic(David Z, back in the day)

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16 Responses to In the Air: Head to Toe, Spring.

  1. L.A.S says:

    I get really jealous every time you post those jeans…so fresh.

  2. james says:

    didn't know you wear anything but digi camo these days. (wink) Hope you'e well pal. Sorry to have missed the part-ay this past weekend.

  3. free/man says:

    Seriously James great post, all of it. You are the poster boy for fresh-as-hell.

  4. james says:

    too kind, too kind. Hope you're well.

  5. free/man says:

    We should start some new posts James. Some "Whats-in-your-closet?" type shots. A mosaic if you will.

  6. L. Rioual says:

    love it. i'm new to the world of watches and have wanted one for awhile, how much of a pain is it to put that watch band on instead of the silver one it comes with??

  7. S.Lemon says:

    That rucksack kills…geez, so good.

  8. Ryan says:

    great shots and look… I swear I've seen that hill-side handkerchief before…

  9. james says:

    Super easy to replace the band on them Timex. Gives it a whole new look.

  10. Daan says:

    Like the look. And that rucksack looks like a great find!

  11. Karena says:

    James, Great images, fresh and light, ready for spring!KarenaArt by Karena

  12. ds says:

    Love that Timex. I can't seem to find it on their site or anywhere else. Is it an older one?

  13. james says:

    ds, it is an older one. Picked up on a trip back home. email me if you like and I'll send you a few link to some good alternates that I'm kinda crushing on. best,james

  14. Redcrow says:

    Good to see you rock the Parker pen. I love em'. They have just the right amount of weight to them they are super cheep so if it gets lost it is not the end of the world and when they run out of ink they take ink refills. I never go anywhere with out one.Cheers.

  15. maryka says:

    How did you remove the expansion band on the Timex easy reader?

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