My buddy Ben at Freeman Transport sent over this preview of images, all shot by Chris Milliman documenting a few days in Ben’s life. “Through two distinct shoots, and over a period of three months, photographer Chris Milliman worked with Freeman Transport to document daily life of co-founder Benjamin Ferencz. At HOME in Missoula, MT, Milliman follows Ferencz through his routine. Picking up mail. Answering business calls. And, of course, riding his bike. AWAY, the story moves to New York, as Milliman accompanies Ferencz on a buisness trip. HOME AND AWAY gives visual record to the Freeman idea. A lifestyle led by the bicycle and an open sense of adventure – whether that be in culture, food, or purely in the possibilities presented through travel.” Only 500 printed. Available at Freeman Transport. Art direction and design by Ferencz’s The Design Cooperative.

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  1. corkgrips says:

    coaster brake? classy

  2. james says:

    yeah. Ben's a classy dude. Really dig your site, ps…

  3. P.M says:

    Three Free Men back to back…

  4. james says:

    noticed that too. wierd.

  5. bob myaing says:

    thanks! if you've got room for yet another link on your blogroll i'd love to be there.

  6. poppy says:

    Chris Milliman's photos are exquisite!

  7. Marc says:

    It is interesting story of sharing the feelings of away from the home.

  8. Photos are unique. very nice and beautiful. It fun to look at and by looking at it you will understand what you are trying to say. thanks..

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