Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back.

“The last place to go”…Chad’s post over at PTLDME reminded me of a film I had on VHS, “Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back“. Years back, my roommate was working with Braden, one of the the filmmakers, and brought it home one day. I watched it so many times over the years. Described on Truckstop‘s site, “Dutch Harbor, located on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Chain, has long been considered untamed territory… as far west as one could go, a place comprised of the harshest elements and hardy fishermen, with only the most minimal law & order. Now, however, Dutch Harbor is a community in transition; one of the last true bastions of frontierism is becoming civilized by encroaching commercialization.” It’s a beautiful film with an equally rad soundtrack by The Boxhead Ensemble. The clip below is a segment with music by one of my all time faves, The Dirty Three. Get your hands on it.


Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back—The Restless Waves by Dirty Three from factory twenty five on Vimeo.

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1 Response to Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back.

  1. teppei says:

    Way cool. My dad fished the Bering Sea via Dutch Harbor for years and I've heard so much about it all. I may have to pick one up for myself and another as a gift for him.

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