Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White…

In 4 parts. Minor Threat @ the 9:30 Club, D.C., 1983. So fucking good.

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14 Responses to Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White…

  1. James says:

    Shit yes. This made my night.

  2. ithyle says:


  3. Emil says:

    amazing. every dude in the crowd looks like he's 15! makes me feel really old, but also makes me wish I was 10-15 years older so I could've actually been there.

  4. teppei says:

    YES. I had this on VHS years ago and just refound it on youtube not that long ago. Love that you posted this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the beatles of hardcore indeed…

  6. ahhh straight edge. some good days but glad they're gone. great band, and great post james.

  7. travkat says:

    probably one of my all time favorite punk bands. brings me back for sure. Also loving some Fugazi.

  8. Check the link for 4 good interviews and a bunch of MT photo's!! One the most meaningful bands for our generations music!!

  9. AC says:

    the 9:30 club is a sick venue, great accoustics and great vibe

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