L’iconique: The Quiet Charm of Jacques Tati.

Late one night years ago, on a trip to France for a friend’s wedding, in bed with my now wife, while she slept, the television was on and it’s there that I found myself watching Jacques Tati‘s brilliant “Jour de Fete“.
Tati, born 1907, after a stint as a professional rugby player and success as a mime, would move into film, starring in all but his last film, and for the better part of his career, as Monsieur Hulot, the bumbling outsider to the rapidly advancing post-war cultural march toward modernity.

“Jour de Fete” however, the most singularly rural of his chosen settings, came two years following his first film, “L’École des Facteurs”, a short from 1947 in which Tati first debuted his easily distracted postman in training.

There’s much to like about the man and his films. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and acquaint yourself with Tati’s films.

Below, “Trafic”, 1971. His final M. Hulot film.


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7 Responses to L’iconique: The Quiet Charm of Jacques Tati.

  1. Mon Oncle is one of my all-time faves. site gags for miles!

  2. Self Edge says:

    Playtime is one of my top ten favorite films of all time, great post!

  3. normano says:

    i have been a fan before there was TV

  4. corkgrips says:

    Had the opportunity to see 35mm print of Playtime, so fantastic!

  5. i can totally remember being in the theater with my dad as a kid watching "mon oncle"and amazing homage to the slapstick comedy from an amazing french man and oscar winning movie indeed .http://segui-riveted.blogspot.com

  6. English says:

    Mon oncle – One of my favorite films and favorite movie posters

  7. DENIMANIAC says:

    Playtime is one of my favorites as well! I'm with Self Edge… great post James!!

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