Head to Toe: It’s Now Winter in New York.

New York got it’s first snow of the season and though it wasn’t quite the storm of the century, there’s surely more to come. Be Prepared and look good getting to where you’re going.

*Inverallan + Inventory wool cap
*Apolis Activism Nepal Cashmere Scarf
*Steven Alan Color Block Leather Gloves
*Vintage frames from Fabulous Fannys
*Vintage Hamilton Khaki wrist watch
*Seil Marschall canoe pack
*ACL & Co. Harris Tweed Laptop Case
*3Sixteen Duffel Coat
*Engineered Garments Herringbone Bedford Jacket
*Alexander Olch + Inventory Grey Wool Tie
*Keaton Chase multi plaid Workshirt
*J. Crew Jaspe Henley
*LL Bean Polartec Union Suit
*ML Brown & Co. “Flynn” Ring Belt
*Made by Eugene Balain Key Chain
*Billykirk Card Case
*Vintage WWII herringbone combat pants
*Rockford Red Heel Socks
*Yuketen Sports Hunt Boots

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3 Responses to Head to Toe: It’s Now Winter in New York.

  1. tyler says:

    I love when you put these looks together; it is probably what always brings me back to this blog. However, I got curious about the reality of pulling off one of these head to toe looks and started to add up the cost of the various items. Now I know this is one of the larger lists and that surely nobody goes out and buys all of these things for one outfit, but the sum was staggering. I mean, this would be great in a fantasy world, but who can really afford to assemble this look; let alone do it in one season when all of these products are readily available? I won't say what the sum I came up with is because I respect what you do here (and I'm not trying to be a dick about it), but this does give me more appreciation for what the guys at sites like An Affordable Wardrobe & Put This On have been preaching.

  2. I love the 2 casual jacket they rock.

  3. james says:

    @Tyler,Point taken. the aim of the H2T's has always been similar to the overall ethos of the site, curation. I certainly don't own a tenth of the things, garments, objects I post about, but it is a place to collect the things that I come across and appreciate. the H2T's have always, for me, been a place to contextualize individual pieces as opposed to post after post on each thing. A way to distill all of these things into some sort of unified thought. If that makes sense…Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting Secret Forts. Keep coming back. Have a good holiday.JWSFs

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