At it Again: J.Crew, Late Fall Deliveries.

Say what you will about J. Crew(and there’s been plenty of opinions aired here and elsewhere on the subject), but Frank and his team continue to roll out some interesting and well co-branded pieces for late Fall, early Winter(depending on where you reside).
The Mister Freedom Mulholland Master is a total winner, albeit a total investment. The Red Wing waxed canvas chukkas are here. They’ve added
Want Les Essentiels and SeaVees to their roster of cohorts as well as offering an expanded selection of Quoddys for both men and women. But I appreciate even the perhaps more overlooked additions of union suits, Josef Albers inspired socks, slub jersey hooded henleys, double faced utility shirts, etc…All nice transitions from Fall into Winter.
So, let the J.Crew debate continue…

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19 Responses to At it Again: J.Crew, Late Fall Deliveries.

  1. peter says:

    another shameless promotion,do you think this is a blog.You and that shister lubster are nothing more than bores.

  2. Shaun says:

    Just bought myself the Fisherman Shawl collar cable knit sweater. Fits great and warm as f*ck.

  3. Don Guss says:

    Like all of these piece. I just wish they would work harder to offer more USA made products.Really into the waxed cotton upper on the Chukkas.All the horizontal line are really doing it for me.

  4. james says:

    more shameless promotion. Indeed.

  5. newgrass says:

    The external branding on that Mister Freedom jacket kinda kills it for me. Really like the Red Wing chukkas but I wonder if they'll put out a proper boot of the same thing. That'd be killer.

  6. John Allen says:

    Mmm love the SeaVees and long johns!

  7. peter b says:

    J Crew is killing it right now with a steady flow of good looking items. I only wish that they'd improve the fit of their shirts a bit (just a little slimmer and a bit longer would be ideal).Really, I find it hard to believe that someone, anyone, has a closet full of American made clothing! So stop complaining and buy the Mr Freedom or Quoddys and support their efforts.

  8. J Crew seem to be peppering their usual offal with USA made products and "collaborations" in an attempt to appear as something of a heritage heavy company, picking up on products-gear smaller more interesting stores have been offering for years. I guess you can't blame the companies for wanting to be part of the higher numbers, but it is strange to see such a huge corporation get so much man love/promotion on blogs supposedly reflecting more independent tastes and interests.

  9. I liked the first Peter better. Firstly having a critical response is different from complaining-which is presumably why James posts all comments grit and all. Secondly-yes it's hard to own an all US made wardrobe-thats not the point-it's about taste/quality I guess. Lastly if I were to add to my Quoddy rack why would I go to J Crew?, we don't take fire to those Cigars in these parts sir.

  10. John Allen says:

    In my opinion, J. Crew continues to provide excellent clothing that stays true to the traditional and classic style that I love. And as far as I'm concerned, James can post as many tidbits about J. Crew as he wants, cause isn't that what blogs are for? Posting things that interest you?

  11. Moneyfire says:

    As to the cobranding, who cares? If you were only into it for the obscurity, than I would take a long look in the mirror. If you were into the aesthetic/quality that will far outlast the workwear trend. That said, hawking a COTTON fisherman's sweater really subverts any claims to authenticity that J. Crew might be buying with their new affiliations.

  12. Isaac Buie says:

    I like that J Crew is bringing lesser known but brilliant brands to a larger base of customers that may never had heard of the brands otherwise. By collaborating with these brands they're also keeping themselves in touch with all of the coolness being offered at the present moment, contrasted with say…Polo, which to me is becoming more and more out of touch.

  13. mlp says:

    the stylist on the shot for the mister freedom coat should be get fired.

  14. Anonymous says:

    mlp- what's your hang up with the mr freedom shot?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why can't I find some of these pieces on the website?

  16. Jeremy says:

    Interesting if nothing else.

  17. shaun says:

    I have to say, JCrew = On Point. Every time I start to think about buying something (ie dessert boots, topsiders, a barbour jacket, chambray shirts, etc etc etc), about a month later JCrew comes out with a collaboration or a version of their own. I have to admit, it makes me rethink some of these purchases. Not that its a tragedy seeing another dude in the same red wing boots as me, it just makes me feel a little sold. And that's more self awareness than I really need sometimes.

  18. The current collection of flannels and workwear pieces cannot be beat. Not to mention the special accessories like tie and money clips. The selvedge chambray work shirt is hands down one of the best shirts in the collection. The brand is slowly morphing into something quite interesting!

  19. In terms of reinventing classics, the Trialmaster and Harrington copies are worthy

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